Tinder criticised for alleged age-based subscription price.

– An investigation by Australian consumer advocacy group Choice found that those under 30 were charged about US$5 to US$12 for.

Nothing is more satisfying than finally matching with someone you like on Tinder. However, it doesn’t end there. In fact, the.

Homegrown social app Chingari, a short video sharing platform, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Brian Norgard.

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Homegrown short video-sharing platform Chingari on Wednesday said it has raised funding from Chief Product Officer of Tinder.

Tinder charges customers wildly different prices for some features – and customers are none the wiser We’ve all heard about.

Mumbai, Nagpur, and Uttar Pradesh police departments have now joined ‘Binod’ trend to share essential information but in the.

What’s thriving in the pandemic? Tinder, Hinge and other.

– But if Dallas-based Match Group’s second quarter results are any indication, the online matchmaking business is booming. The.

Someone called me Sayantani Gosht, which literally means Sayantani Meat! I try not to get my ego in between and most.

Tinder is allegedly charging users different prices depending on their personal data, consumer advocate Choice has revealed.

The Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket is the single best-selling item ever from our friends at Huckberry and it’s finally.

Causal dating for women is often frowned upon in Pakistan’s male-dominated society. However, dating apps like Tinder are.

A Tinder terror who threatened revenge porn when he was unfriended also sent his victim a photo of himself doing a poo.

Tinder is charging straight men over 50 almost five times more than some other users to sign up for its premium service, according to a recent investigation by an Australian consumer advocacy group.

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Men that are over 50 and straight were found to be paying as much as five times more than other users on Tinder Plus, an investigation has found.

Lonely singles are going to extreme lengths to find love, shelling out hundreds of dollars for professional Tinder pics and.

An investigation by Australian consumer advocacy group Choice found that those under 30 were charged about US$5 to US$12 for.

A Melbourne university student who allegedly choked and raped two young women he met on the dating app Tinder has launched.